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Why do we need a Civic Dictionary?

Actualizado: 20 jul 2021


Fake news, deceptive reporting, duplicity, lies. Deceit is the politician’s universal weapon. Deceit gets us to lower our guard against the most dangerous individuals. The only defence against deceit is knowledge, the truth.

Politicians fear the truth. Their lies are weapons against an ignorant People. We all fall into their trap, every four years if we are lucky enough to elect a mere thief and not a potentially genocidal authoritarian who will try to concentrate power in his hands.

The only thing that can stand up to armed authoritarianism is a People united, but deceit divide the People. The only things that can defend us from the lies of the politicians is knowledge, the truth. The Civic Lexicon is a beginning towards discovering some of the truth we need.


The Civic Dictionary is a series of definitions and essays that are a combination of is and ought, at the same time. The definitions are descriptions of phenomena in Society and the State. The essays are hypotheses or prescriptions based on those definitions and experience. It is not established science; it is theory and subject to refinement, refutation, discussion, and, sadly, politics. The complete and alphabetized dictionary is at the Home page and under the Dictionary heading on the menu


Photograph: Nicolás Maduro, Inauguración: Por Presidencia El Salvador -, CC0,


Please leave your comments if you see a false statement, giving examples as to how you believe it is refuted. If it is something short, it will be answered directly in the comments sections. If it is a serious challenge, an article will be written in the blog dedicated to the subject, with a link from the comment.

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