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The Law


Law – the minimum rules necessary to interact freely; the only ones for which the use of force can be morally justified

liberty – absence of coercion and deceit

free – not subject to coercion or deceit

property – general consensus about what is our own; what one possesses for being; what one has acquired without coercion and deceit

contract – an explicit written or verbal agreement that defines the rights and obligations of free parties to the agreement

right – what is owed to one in a contract

obligation – what one owes in a contract

due diligence – the care that a responsible individual exercises to prevent harm, danger, or inequitable or involuntary obligations

Legal Theory – theory, series of hypothesis as to what the Law is

reparation – restoration; compensation of a disadvantage caused by damage or loss

equity – equilibrium; no advantage acquired in a negotiation or given in detriment to one of the parts in a reparation.

liability – the understanding of the Law that makes a person subject to punishment for violating it

Justice – the equitable and impartial enforcement of the Law on liable inhabitants of the State



The Law is minimal Morality; what is necessary to have society. It enforces the prohibition of the most dangerous pathologies with public force. The Law, in general, commands respect for liberty, property, contracts, and equitable compensation for damages.

The Law commands respect for liberty, the absence of coercion and deceit. Coercion is the threat or the use of force to harm someone. Murder, armed robbery, extortion, kidnapping are some of the ways in which coercion is manifested. Fraud, theft, forgery are examples of deceit.

The Law also commands respect for property against betrayal, coercion, and deceit, in contracts, with its rights and obligations, and in the equitable compensation for damages or loss. But, without force, the Law is useless; there can be no Justice. Without Justice, people who are not moral will do what they please with those weaker or more ignorant.

Law protects society, but Society is what gives force to the Law.


Photograph: Hunefer -,, Public Domain,

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