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politics – competition for power

faction – a sector of the People who competes with others in a State for public power

political party – a group that has received permission to compete for public power

ideology – a means of recruiting members for a faction; a set of beliefs and values through which the world is interpreted, that describes how it should be, and what should be done with public power to reach that vision



Politics is the competition for power. Government has the greatest power in the State because of the concentration of arms it controls to execute lawful sentences against powerful sectors in Society, so access to government and control of public force is subject to intense competition.

A group that competes to control public force is called a faction, or political party if the faction has received permission to compete in the elections. To access public force, the strongest political party or faction is needed.

To recruit party members and a majority of voters for a faction, ideologies have evolved that are a set of beliefs and values. An ideology offers an interpretation of what the world is like, a vision of how it should be, and what should be done with public force to achieve that vision.

The first thing that politicians do when coming to public power is to decree rules according to their ideology or the ideology of the majority of the voters. They name officials they trust, including prosecutors who accuse and magistrates that decide if it is correct to use public force. The chief of State controls the weapons in government; it is the most dangerous branch if it does not respect the Law.

Some groups or individuals use the ideologies that are most popular to a majority of voters in order to get elected, with very undesirable results.


Ilustration, The Recent Flurry in the Senate, J. S. Pughe, 1906, Library of Congress of the United States, in the video by the Wall Street Journal: The World's Biggest Political Brawls in Youtube:

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